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If you are not a member please join in. This is the best way we have to communicate with our HOA and our other local neighborhoods. 

Local Neighborhood Weather


We have a weather station in our neighborhood. Some of us are curious about how much rain we received or how strong that wind gust was in the last storm. Now you can find out. Click here:

SLH WEATHER SUMMARY  Updated every minute

Link to Weather Station

Crime Stats


Check out the latest crime statistics in our area as reported by Orange County Sheriff's Office. 

Click here for our zone 42C information

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Local Places



Local joints, establishments and recommendations from our members.

Vote on Light Posts


A plan is in place to install light posts on Holden Avenue.  That corridor is controlled by Duke Energy and we have the ability to request enhanced light posts (similar to those in Cypress Grove) from their website.  Have a look and choose your favorite to vote on in an upcoming meeting.