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What is HAINC and Why We Support & Participate

HAINC, Holden Avenue Inter-neighborhood Council, was formed to give greater unity, strength and effectiveness to the residents, homeowners and HOAs of the Holden Avenue area.  HAINC's basic purpose is to provide a framework for all of us to help preserve and protect our residential values and the quality of life on Holden Avenue as a single-family residential area.

Dues: Why, When, and What are they used for?

The only source of funding for our HOA is member dues.  We keep them low so everyone can afford to chip in.  They are $30/year paid on joining or first of the year for existing members.  You can mail a check for $30 to our SLHHA PO Box 561640, Orlando, FL  32856 or bring it to the next meeting.

NICE: Neighborhood Improvement Awards

Anyone who keeps that perfect home and helps improve the neighborhood for us all can receive this recognition.  Please submit any nominations to Nancy Evans at 407.438.0667.

Trash/Recycle Roll Carts

Place your roll carts within 3 feet of the curb no earlier than 6pm the night before and no later than 6am on collection day.  The carts should be placed away from your mailbox, parked cars, and low-hanging tree limbs.  There should be about 3 feet of clearance around each cart in order for the trucks to use the mechanical arm.  The handles should be facing your house and the arrows on the lid should be pointed toward the street.  Large items are picked up (without calling) on Mondays along with regular yard waste and recycling.  

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