Welcome to South Lake Holden HOA
Next Meeting
September 23

Welcome to SLH HOA!

We welcome all newcomers to the neighborhood.  

As a voluntary HOA, we not only rely on your dues and donations but also your time.  

Please consider volunteering your time and talents.  

Our Next Homeowners Association Meeting is Monday Sept 26 at 7:00pm

At The Grove House located in Cypress Grove Park.   ENTER through exit gate if entry is closed. Remember to come a little early to register.  Please contact a member of the board if you would like a subject placed on the agenda


Next Meeting September 26


 We’re going to be “talking trash” at our September 23rd meeting when we welcome guest speakers from the Orange County Utilities  Solid Waste Division.  They will have a presentation  of the county’s recycling program and general collection guidelines.   Not sure what is recyclable?  Do shampoo and detergent bottles have to  be thoroughly rinsed out?  What about those boxes and plastic shipping  envelopes from Amazon and other online retailers?    I think a lot of us occasionally scratch our head when deciding if an  item should go in the recycling bin.  We want to be earth friendly and  recycle as much as possible but we don’t want to introduce items that  could contaminate a batch of recycling material.   This is your opportunity to have your questions answered and learn  about the remarkable job the solid waste division performs every day.   In addition, we’ll have updates to traffic changes, the Holden Avenue  property and other local news.  As always, we want  to extend a special invitation to our new residents to come and get to  know some of your neighbors. 


Weather Station

South Lake Holden Live Weather

We have a local weather station in our neighborhood and  we want to share the information with you.  The station is part of Weather link and the Weather Underground network of personal weather stations across the world.

When we have our storms and the rain is hard or there's a strong wind gust you can now see how how big of a gust was that or how much rain did we get today, along with other to the minute stats. Daily highs and lows are recorded.  A more complete South Lake Holden Weather website is being built

Up to the minute summar of todays Lake Holden weather